How to care for a small mixer chassis rain Rain, fresh air, clean concrete mixer chassis is also very important Air filter is an important component of the entire concrete mixer, in the rain, the air filter is easy to water, especially in the road after the water, once the water, it may lead to serious mechanical accident. Professionals advise, when found in the engine air filter water, and do not the engine is, once launched, the water into the engine combustion chamber, the engine scrapped serious. used cheap concrete mixer truck After the closed car, in time to wipe the rain on the engine, check the generator belt for cracks, so as not to shorten the service life of concrete mixer. When stagnant water too deep, you should try detour, if you can not bypass, available on a rubber tube connected to the exhaust pipe, the nozzle toward the top, so that water can not enter the exhaust pipe. Rainy Day, brake system is also easy to water, so that the brake retardation, small mixer deviation caused by braking and accidents. So rain should keep the car longer than usual distance is very important. If the brake system is flooded after rain can tap the left foot brake, right foot stepped on the accelerator, by friction brake pads and brake discs, moisture evaporation, dasion cheap concrete mixer truck ensure traffic safety. Meanwhile in the rain but also the timely removal of tires on gravel, gravel, we all know, there is a tire tread drainage effect, these things attached to the tire, the tire will make less displacement. We can not forget and do wash 4 square mixer chassis cleaning Professionals recommend washing as much as possible during the rainy season, because the acid rain on the third partys paint mixer with a strong corrosive effect. If not promptly treated, over time, car paint will lose luster. The most effective way to protect the body paint is to give body waxing and sealing glaze to prevent paint fade aging. , After heavy rains, concrete mixer should be cleaned at the bottom, as this may cause the vehicle wheel and chassis parts chamber side sludge accumulation, so it is easy to hide where moisture cause rust, round cavity may even loose at the perforation. Therefore, we must pay attention to concrete mixer chassis cleaning and anti-rust treatment. Also be careful not to wash the body used hino concrete mixer trucks and chassis with an alkaline cleaning solution. If the original car is not done sealed plastic chassis of the vehicle is best to do a sealed plastic chassis. In addition, the periodic inspection and clean doors and drainage holes at the bottom of the body, checking the car cover humidity.